Snapchat Instagram Stories 2016Are you an avid Instagramer? Do you crave for your daily dose of pictorial updates? Then you were probably overjoyed by Instagram’s latest feature: Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories is a new feature that allows people to post a collection of pictures and videos that disappear at the day end.

The new feature is a blatant rip-off of Snapchat Stories. Instagram Stories offers many of the same features as Snapchat Stories, features like using filters, saving pictures before or after posting them, people can reply to stories through direct messages etc. are the same in both applications. However, there are also some notable differences:

  • Instagram Stories appear at the top of the main feed, making it more convenient that Snapchat Stories.
  • You can block people from viewing your stories on Instagram, something Snapchat doesn’t allow.
  • Instagram allows you to pause stories or go back, another feature lacking in Snapchat Stories.
  • Instagram doesn’t boast location filters, native selfie lens filters, stickers and speed effects, but you can save content from third-party apps then share them.
  • Instagram doesn’t notify you when someone takes a screenshot of your picture.

These are only a few salient differences between the two applications. A more significant difference between the applications is the size and demographic of their users. In the US, Snapchat is predominantly used by youngsters between the ages of 18-24 whereas Instagram is most used by people between the ages of 24-34 (Source: This automatically means that both applications cater to a different audience, an audience that prefers different platform based on its functionality.

All of this translates into Instagram being savvy enough to make sure that the new Snapchat feature doesn’t chip away at its user base. It stepped up to provide an adequate substitute of a feature offered by its near rival and it did so by developing an easier-to-use interface which would better serve the needs of its user base. Moreover, it did so in such a way that made it legally inculpable.

In our opinion, this battle between the apps is nowhere near over. Instagram and Snapchat will continue to try to undermine each other’s user base in order to stay relevant in today’s social media savvy world.


Tehreem Fatima is Content Writer/Editor at InnoMedia.