InnoMedia Defense Day 2016 Round UpIn today’s digitally savvy world, establishing your brand’s presence might mean the difference between success and failure. The abundance of content available on the internet and the speed with which brands share said content means that becoming relevant to your audience is essential. That being said, many Pakistani brands tend to blindly follow big-ticket events and holidays to increase their reach and engagement, paying no heed to the relevance to said holidays to their brand image.

The sweet spot of social media occurs when brands build a campaign that leverages locally celebrated days to promote their products seamlessly. Doing so for a nationally celebrated day can be particularly thorny, especially if the day is patriotic in nature. Following is a roundup of the best Defense Day campaigns that we came across:


1. Pizza Hut

Defense Day Campaign 2016

Pizza Hut ran a stellar campaign on 6 September that not only paid true homage to this patriotic day but also promoted their product while motivating followers to engage more with their social media accounts.

The campaign, which ran on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, advertised a 20% discount to all military personnel all over Pakistan while encouraging people to comment, tweet, and post for a chance to win the Big Dipper.

This original campaign was noticeably more successful than their other campaigns across all channels, even beating their 14 August campaign out of the park. The Independence Day campaign promised tickets to Azadi Fest16 to the last five comments of the day starting from August 10. However, as the venue of the event was Karachi, most inhabitant of Pakistan would have found the tickets to be too geographically restrictive.


2. Nescafé

Nescafe Defense Day and Independence Day Campaigns 2016

Nescafé is a brand that has built a very funky appeal over the years. True to form, Nescafé ran a pretty cool Defense Day campaign in which it managed to integrate its iconic red mug. The red mug is such a vital part of all of Nescafe’s campaigns that their audience is instantly aware of the brand upon viewing the image.

Nescafé also ran a pretty successful Independence Day campaign: The inclusion of the red mug into a legendary picture of Quaid-e-Azam, was perhaps a stroke of genius. The idea was so innovative and relevant that they didn’t even have to fall back to the usage of clichéd phrases like Happy Independence Day. Needless to say, this image performed better than most of their campaigns, even their Defense Day campaign.


3. The Burger House

The Burger HouseThe Burger House Defense Day Campaign 2016’s Defense Day campaign was witty and eye-catching: It not only linked their product with the national day but did so with a side of humor. A major portion of the image was dedicated to promoting their product attractively while the background and the “defense day” caption made it abundantly clear what the post was about.

As witty as it was, the post didn’t do as well as you would expect. This was mainly because there was no call to action attached to the image. Engagement could have been improved if they had given people some incentive to interact more with the post.


4. Infinix Mobile

Infinix Mobile Defense Day GIF 2016While not a big player in the Pakistani mobile industry, Infinix Mobile brought their A-game to the Defense Day campaign. Their campaign definitely stood out as most of the major players in the Pakistani mobile industry either ignored this day or had planned a very tepid campaign.

Their campaign was a perfect blend of nationalism and marketing delivered via a GIF. With all the technological innovation, one would expect a greater variety in the form of content being disseminated on social channels. However, this is not the case in Pakistan.  Another reason why Infinix Mobile did this campaign right!



Tehreem Fatima is Content Writer/Editor at InnoMedia.