Verified Twitter Account 2016 Twitter opened entry into the haloed world of verified accounts for all on July 19th, 2016. Before you decide to jump on the verified account waggon, Twitter has certain hoops it would like you to jump through before it allows you or your business to get that coveted checkmark.

Why Verified Accounts?

Verified accounts were introduced by Twitter in 2009 and were an attempt to curtail the spread of trolls, impersonators and hatemongers in the Twitterverse. It was also an attempt to legitimately connect fans with celebrities and public figures as a way to establish trust and create authenticity. With its decision to open verification to all, Twitter aims to make those account visible that are of public interest in an effort to make it easier for people to find and connect with creators and influencers and access high-quality content.

How to Get a Verified Account?

To get a verified account, you must have a verified number, email address, be a highly sought user in a range of key areas and fulfil a few other requirements as well. However, the process is not as simple as one would wish it to be. Businesses not only need to provide 2-5 website links that identify their account with appearances in news, high-traffic content producers, and show evidence of public influence, but they also need to explain why their account should be verified in the first place.

What to Expect from Your Verified Account?

So you have decided to get your business twitter account verified. Good for you! But first, let’s have a look at what you get out of a verified account.

New Notification Pane:

A verified account allows you to filter your notification pane according to replies, mentions and likes by other verified users. This comes in handy when you get thousands of notifications and allows you to focus on quality interaction that might further your business’s mission.

Access to Account Analytics

As a verified account holder, you will also get access to account analytics, which are normally available to marketers only. Analytics will give you information about followers and engagement and help you tailor content that improves engagement with your followers.

Increased Privacy

A verified account also provides you with more privacy of messaging as it allows you to control whether all of your followers can direct message you depending on whether profile viewers are allowed to comment on your posts.

Verified Identity

Most important of all, a verified account removes any confusion regarding the identity of the account holder. A verified business account gives your brand a certain clout in the Twitterverse and raises your value among the public. It also allows you to reach your clients and fans easily and with the confidence attached by the tag of originality.

While Twitter’s verification mark is a symbol of authenticity and represents a certain clout factor, the very fact that Twitter has opened up its verification process for all reduces some of its charm.  However, many agencies and advertisers don’t pay any attention to the verified checkmark when planning campaigns with influencers. After all, true influencers don’t really need the validation from Twitter as the public has already given its vote of confidence.

Tehreem Fatima is Content Writer/Editor at InnoMedia.